About me

D08_6374_edited-2I trained as a teacher at the Westminster Alexander Training Centre in London with John Hunter and Dorothea Magonet.

After qualifying, I established a practice in Farnham, teaching individuals and small groups, including introductory workshops. I am now based in Wales near Abergavenny.

I first had lessons over 20 years ago – I thought the Technique would help me relax as a new mother. Initially I was struck by the ease and lightness of movement I experienced in a lesson. Later when I had some work related back trouble, Alexander principles of stopping and conscious thinking helped me make a quick recovery. I dipped in and out of the technique over the years, returning to regular lessons whilst having a big home building project.

Through lessons, I came to understand more fully the connection between mind and body, and my reactions to stimuli, and how I could apply the Technique to everyday life – and how, for example, stressful situations at work (where I was first a District Nurse, and then a nurse in a Hospice at home team) could be handled in a different and better way.

I continue to work with the Technique in everyday life, and it’s a fascinating business!

  • looking after our small flock of Portland sheep
  • and spinning their wool
  • working as a home carer (since the pandemic)
  • Singing in a choir
  • Cooking and baking

I hope in my teaching to offer a calm and supportive space to allow you to learn.