What Jenny’s pupils say about the Alexander Technique

I went to Jenny because I had niggling lower back stiffness and pain. I also knew my posture wasn’t great and that I needed to do something to counteract the aerobic exercise I do. My sessions with Jenny have helped to release my back and I’ve learned how to improve my posture and take care of how I do things physically. Not only is Jenny a great practitioner but  she is also brilliant at making you feel relaxed. I couldn’t recommend her or the Alexander technique more highly.                                                           Sara – Managing Director

Jenny’s introduction to the Alexander Technique has helped me hugely in a relatively short period of time. Whilst it is still early days in my learning the Technique I have already seen two major changes in my music making: Firstly I am now better able to keep relaxed when playing, which is helping alleviate my long-standing issues with RSI (the main reason why I sought to learn the technique in the first place). Secondly I have felt a marked improvement in the quality of my practice, a development I did not expect. After years of music making I feel I have been shown a completely fresh approach, and with it a new world of possibilities. Very exciting and I am very, very grateful.       Raphael – Process Scientist and Musician

I first came across the Alexander technique through acting classes and immediately wanted to learn more through one on one sessions. Jenny provided a fantastic introduction to the technique: each session was different and allowed for discovery after discovery. It’s a technique that does not make distinctions between your body and mind so it can be applied to all aspects of daily life- I not only walk and swim with greater ease, but also find myself remaining calmer in stressful situations. Thank you so much Jenny, your caring and observant approach have kept me looking straight ahead, lengthening and widening as I go..!
Emily – Freelance Filmmaker

Since exploring AT with Jenny, life has changed – through extra awareness of myself and my movements, I have acquired a greater sensitivity to my environment. I have learnt to use my eyes, and truly ‘see’ things around me and am often surprised by what is there. Life has become a very happy adventure in a very calming way. My whole skeleton gets out  of line and can be painful, but an AT session can heal it. I have a troublesome knee, but seldom think about it any more. Sue