Lessons & fees

The Alexander Technique is a process of re-education, and as such is taught to individuals by a teacher, with the aim that the pupil will learn to apply the principles to daily life.

A lesson comprises some activity and some lying down in ‘semi-supine’*. Simple activities such as standing and sitting, and walking, are used to explore your habitual patterns of movement.

The teacher uses gentle hands-on touch, and explanation to guide new ways of moving and thinking.

The emphasis in the lesson is on exploring, and being interested in, your reactions and habits, and not on being right or wrong. The aim is to teach you that there can be choice in every activity, and every moment of any activity.

Lessons last about 40 minutes. Clothing that does not restrict movement, like leggings or loose trousers, is recommended. A course of 20-30 lessons provides a firm foundation from which to apply the Technique to daily life.


At present I am not teaching – I hope to resume lessons / classes after Easter 2022

Cancellation policy:                       24 hours notice required of cancellation please

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* ‘semi-supine’ – lying on your back on a firm surface, head resting on some paperbacks, with legs bent, taking any pressure off your spine, and allowing real rest for your body and mind.