The way forward


After an Alexander Technique introductory course, or a few 1 to 1 lessons, the question is how to keep what you have learned alive? and enjoy the benefits – maybe freedom from pain, walking more gracefully, speaking with more ease.

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The exercise of doing a simple movement and then attempting to do it in a different way (like crossing your arms) makes plain how difficult it is change the habits of a lifetime. Even though that habit may be causing you tension, physical or mental, doing something in a different way invariably feels ‘wrong’.

Fortunately learning the Alexander Technique can help you change, and you can build on what you have learned so far by doing any, or all! , of the following:

  • making time to lie down in semi-supine
  • having a 1 to 1 session with a teacher
  • taking part in a follow-up course
  • reading these blogs that will give you useful tips and reminders