‘Is there too much stress on STRESS?’*

I was very interested to read an article – ‘Is there too much stress on STRESS?’ in one of the Sunday papers*. Coined by Hans Seyle in the 1940s, the term ‘stress’ must be one of the most used words in our language. It has been a dirty word, but increasingly there is recognition of the benefit of appropriate amounts of stress.
I was particularly interested to read about a study that demonstrates the way in which ‘the effects of stress can be mitigated by a certain cast of mind’ (p 11) – a project from the University of California, published in ‘Biological Science’, has found that certain people can build resilience so that when they are subjected to stress, they are able to modify the fight/flight reaction, and maintain a degree of calm, rather than panic and subsequent exhaustion. An exciting possibility!
It made me think about the way in which the Alexander Technique can help: by developing the ability to recognise habitual responses to stressful situations, and learning how to choose a more appropriate response.
Definitely food for thought.

*The Observer 14.02.2016 THE NEW REVIEW pp 8-11