Why learn the Alexander Technique?

Why learn the Alexander Technique?

A walk yesterday up ‘The Cat’s Back’ in The Black Mountains led me to think about the way a cat responds to touch: a stroke down its back seems to make it expand outwards from that touch – not shrink away from it.

I didn’t know I had a choice in how I responded to life before I had Alexander lessons.

In the beginning I continued with lessons because I felt energised, positive, buoyant. Then the Technique really helped with lower back pain. Finally, I realised that I wanted to change. I wanted to feel more confident so that I could enjoy life more. I wanted to be able to sing and not feel exhausted after a concert because of the habitual nervous tension I experienced.

And it worked! Or rather, it’s work in progress. Learning the Technique gave me the confidence of knowing that I had a choice in the way I responded to life, that I could manage the tension and nerves that had affected me since I was a child.

That’s why you should learn the Alexander Technique – because you want to change.WP_20160509_004.jpg cat's back