Blog for the Abergavenny Natural Therapy Centre

When I tell people that I teach the Alexander Technique, they usually immediately stand to attention!  I think with the idea that the Technique is about good posture, and good posture is about standing up straight. For me though, standing straight always looks rigid – not good posture. What might good posture look like? Think of small children for example, who move with spontaneity, ease and lightness; and Roger Federer, a joy to watch as he plays tennis in a seemingly effortless way.

As we get older, the pressures of life literally ‘get us down’. We develop habitual patterns of movement that can cause us tension and discomfort, but because they are familiar, these habits are hard to change – think of anything you have tried to give up or change…..

Help is at hand though! The Alexander Technique can help you rediscover the ease of movement that you too had when you were young: it is a skill for self development, helping you to move with less effort and tension, and find balance in your life, physically, mentally and emotionally.

The Technique is taught one to one where the teacher uses and gentle hands on and verbal guidance to help you become more aware of how you move, and how you might move more effortlessly. A course of lessons is recommended to really help you incorporate the changes into your life.

It is also taught in groups, and I run small group courses at the Abergavenny Natural Therapy Centre. Participants on the recent introductory courses commented:

‘a really good opportunity to consider and reflect on movement, stillness and body awareness in a calm space. Jenny is a thoughtful and positive facilitator. Have found the sessions helpful physically and emotionally. Would recommend’. AM

My posture has improved……my weight and balance are in equilibrium……I have also learned how to ‘stop’….. To treat my body properly. The benefits of this are considerable. As well as the physical improvements to my body, sharing the experiences in the class have been helpful and enjoyable.’ Pauline

The next opportunity to explore the benefits of the Alexander Technique will be in September: a 3 week course at the Abergavenny Natural Therapy Centre starting on Wednesday 18th 6pm-7.15 For those who have completed an introductory course, there will be follow on course starting on September 18th 7.30pm-8.45pm. Both courses will be looking at how to move with more ease, improve your posture, feel more calm and balanced, and relieve pain and tension.